15 painful blogging mistakes that bloggers make unconsciously

blogging mistakes

Do you want to your blog free from avoidable mistakes? Then read on.

When I started my first blog in 2015, I didn't know much about what I was getting into. A few of my friends were into it and they just kind of raised my expectations. The biggest mistake I made was starting a blog without researching much about it.

   What you must know before starting a website

Most new bloggers will no doubt make some of these mistakes starting out. But that's okay, it's normal.  You can either avoid these roadblocks or correct them -and save your blog.

If you have a blog already and you are still making these mistakes, try to correct them immediately.

In the case were you about to start a blog and you are reading this, be happy! because you are about to dodge some deadly bullets capable of killing your blog before it even starts.

I have taken time to write a comprehensive article for you Over 1000 words of the common mistakes some old and new bloggers make and the best ways to correct them without much hassle.

Oh No! mistakes

Some Mistakes Bloggers Make.

Mistake #1: Paying for auto generated traffic. 

Never pay for traffic that is generated automatically. You're new to blogging don't be so desperate for page views and pay for fake traffic. It is not worth it and bad for search engine optimisation. Be more patient, encourage friends and family to be your first set of audience.

Mistake #2: Copying already published contents by other authors. 

This is called plagiarism and it just doesn't work (avoid it). When you write about things you are familiar with, a skill or areas of expertise, there would be no need to copy others.

Mistake #3: Punctuation marks Overuse.

This involves overusing punctuation marks like, exclamation marks, question marks, Capital letters and so on. This should be avoided.

Mistake #4: Not editing your written post. 

Most bloggers after writing a post do not check for grammatical errors or mistakes in spelling. This might be as a result of being eager to get your post out there (that’s normal).

Mistake #5: Not writing consistently. 

This mistake is just too delicate to be made as this affects traffic, number of potential subscribers, ranking and leads to your blog.

Mistake #6: Spamming. 

After writing content that took a lot of time and effort, one can be very desperate to get a lot of readers to view their blog post . In this process, they will end up either linking to spam sites or may be unfortunate to have their blog marked as spam.

Mistake #7: Not using an Opt-in form.

Many start late in building their email list. Thereby, losing potential subscribers to your blog.

Mistake #8: Using the wrong paragraph format.

As a blogger, you don't write like you are the author to a novel. Avoid stuffing your paragraphs with too much words.

Mistake #9: Not including visual attraction.

This is a mistake that many bloggers make. Writing a blog post is one thing but making it look good to read is another (take note).

Mistake #10: Not replying your comments.

One of the biggest mistake to make is not answering your audience that took their time to comment on your blog post.

That is like someone trying to talk to you - and you just ignore them like they didn't say anything. If you are trying to build an audience, this is not the way to go.

Also, not everyone that visit your blog read your content. Some will just skip right to the comment section to find out what readers found most useful.

Mistake #11: Not adding sharing buttons.

Sharing on Social media is key. This can definitely increase and somewhat double your traffic. Failure to add these buttons may limit your chance to grow your audience.

Mistake #12: Not using Analytics on your blog.

Without this, you would not know which posts your audience click on the most or which of your keywords are appearing the more in search engine results.

Mistake #13: Choosing the wrong niche.

You can't supply all the information about everything to your readers. Trying to focus on a niche that is too broad for you to cover is just setting yourself up for failure.

Mistake #14: Compromising quality.

Some bloggers are so eager to write a new post to keep their blog fresh. Yes, that is important but one of the biggest mistakes you will make is compromising the quality of your blog post.

Mistake #15: Neglecting SEO.

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by many bloggers today. And as result of this their blogs won't rank well in search results, when the blog post topic is searched for on google or Bing.

Solutions you can implement

Solution #1: Be more strategic in your paid promotions. 

Instead of investing in auto generated page views, rather invest in AdWords or Facebook ads and target real audience that are truly interested in your content.

Solution #2: Write only original and unique content.

There is no point starting a blog if you just intend to copy what other bloggers write. Rather, you can quote phrases or sentence said by a particular blogger. Be sure to include their names and a link back to their blog.

Solution #3: Minimize your use of punctuation marks and capital letters. 

Yes, they say write like you talk but they did not say write like you chat on social media. So, don't use 10 exclamation marks to emphasize your point (it's not necessary).

Solution #4: Proof read before publishing. 

No one is perfect so don't depend on your eyes alone. Use tools like readable.

I know how exciting it is to finish writing an article that you are so proud of and can't wait for the world to see.  Hold your horses there, take an extra 20 minutes to review and edit your written post.

Solution #5: Have a content strategy. 

Plan your content topics before you even write them. Remember to make a decision to post on certain days and keep to it. Set a realistic schedule for publishing already written posts, considering the case where you might be busy.

This is because writing a particular content requires proper research and time. With that said, you don't have to write everyday 2 or 3 posts per week will do.

Besides, posting too frequently or not having defined publication dates can frustrate your readers as they are unable to predict when you will update your blog next (this is bad for business).

Solution #6: Share it, don't spam it. 

There are some points to note to avoid mistake #7

  • Shorten your original blog post link before sharing it.
  • Add a description about the link before sharing to gain some trust.
  • Tweak the description a little before sharing the same blog post link to other social media groups, communities, forums and so on.
  • Be careful where you add your blog post links. Make sure it is a trustworthy website.
  • Use hyperlinks with words actually linking to the blog posts. Do use "here" or "click here" anchors to try and disguise links.

Solution #7: Email Subscription

Start building your email subscribers list at the initial stage. It increases traffic with returning visitors that like your blog already. Use opt-in forms to collect emails. 

Solution #8: Proper paragraph formats.

The arrangement of your blog post content should be as follows;
  • There should be uniform spacing between paragraphs.
  • Use an eligible font for post content.
  • A paragraph should not contain more than 50 words.

Solution #9: Add visual attraction.

I find myself losing interest more when I read blog posts with no images or videos. It simply just boring to look at.

Add a little flavor to your blog post, bring it to life. It is proven that humans assimilate things faster with images in it than without.

You can either create your own image or get from other sources that are not licensed.

Always try to make your blog post rich with lovely visuals that will enable your readers understand the content topic more.

Solution #10: Always reply all comments.

Good interaction with your audience will encourage other readers to comment, improves credibility by your ability to answer questions and you can get new ideas about what your next post will be about.

Solution #11: Add social media sharing buttons.

You can easily use tools like Add this or sumo to add social media sharing buttons to your blog to encourage readers that liked your content to share it with their friends.

Benefits of doing this.
  • You create awareness.
  • Increase pages views per day.
  • Grow your audience.

Solution #12: Use Google analytics. 

You can sign up for Google analytics, to actively keep track on how your audience use your blog.

Use analytics to track page views, sessions, bounce rates, visitor’s country and so on.
Google analytics photo

Solution #13: Choose a very specific niche.

Focus on a particular niche that will be useful and valuable to readers. It should also be something you know a lot about.

Solution #14: Research more while writing a blog post.

What I am saying here is, do not just depend on what you already know about a topic. Read more on the topic so that you provide your readers with detailed and quality content.

Solution #15: Seo is key.

Trust me, if your aim is to take your blog to the next level. Seo (search engine optimization) is the answer. It can give you huge amount of traffic if you play your cards right.

What you must do?

  • Always include a meta description.
  • Use keywords-rich titles.
  • Use alt tags for all images.
  • Write Quality content, free from errors.

It's a Wrap

Thanks for reading through it all. These are the major mistakes made by bloggers. If there are mistakes here that you have made in the past or you want to suggest others. Kindly comment in the section below, would be happy to hear from you.

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  1. Ohh bad because of some mistakes I've done, maybe after this my account make improvements

  2. Hi Rama, thanks for commenting. Let me also recommend a readability tool that i use on [hemingwayapp.com],it is a free tool to help check your content readability grade before you publish it. Good luck.

  3. This wa extremely helpful! I’ll definitely be applying many of these helpful tips to my blog now. I hope to become a successful blogger, and this article was extremely informative. :)

    1. Thank you so much Katelyn. And remember, success is something you work hard to achieve. Good luck and don't forget to subscribe for more informative articles :)