SEO made easy: 21 killer SEO techniques for beginners

 Seo for beginners

If you keep trying to promote your website without practicing SEO your content isn't going to reach many people that are searching for the type of content you write.

Fact, over 2 million blog posts are published daily. Among these are experienced blogger's posts that are always at the first pages of search results.

How do they do it?
Simple answer: Search engine optimization (Seo).

Instead of using social media sites to boost up traffic,  how about  you practice some Seo techniques.

Proper understanding and practices of seo can increase your traffic significantly.

Many people would find your contents easily in search  engine results (google, Bing and so on),  that is why Seo is also important.

Google records over 4 billion search queries worldwide on a daily basis. I know you wouldn't mind one - third on that ending up on your website on a daily basis.  Well, I will love it to, that is why I am taking search engine optimization (seo) seriously and you should too.

What does SEO (that millions of people google every month) mean? 

Apart from the fact that it's an acronym, that stands for 'Search engine Optimization', what else do you know about it.

Since this is a step-by-step guide, let’s start from the Beginning.

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What is SEO?

Let's keep dictionary meaning aside, here is what I understand about SEO in plain terms.

Search engine optimization is a systematic process of optimizing a websites design and content, so that it can appear in the top pages of google (and other search engines) search results.

search engine optimization (seo) techniques are strategically taken to help one rank one better in search results.

Ranking number  one in google  searches  doesn't happen overnight,  so you need to be patient. 

But I can tell you this, when your website ranks in the first pages of google search. You’ll have more visibility, plus an incredible increase in website traffic. Then you will know for sure that google trusts your site and more of your pages will begin to rank better.
Don't worry about, " Not actionable seo strategies".

I' m offering to you today seo techniques that actually work.

Quick tips

1) Quality Content

Endeavour to constantly update your website with useful and quality content. Learn to strive for quality over quantity when it comes to content writing. 

Your aim should be to publish helpful articles and videos for humans too not just search engines, so therefore focus on improving readability of your content. Also keep updating your website with fresh contents.

2) Internal linking

I will keep talking about this. Internal linking is so important. This will improve indexing and visibility of your website.

No one is aspiring to be on the low-ranking pages on search engine results.  Even ranking on page 2 or 3.... Isn't enough. Most of time people end their search on the first pages without bothering to click on page 2.

Practicing proper internal linking with a Do follow link attribute would increase your Link juice for higher ranking.

3) Use long - tail keywords in title tags

Here's what I mean,

Always use long tail words for your post titles, Include more than one relevant keywords. 

Just enough to optimize search engine traffic. But not too much that you end up stuffing keywords, no this is not what I'm saying.

4) Publish long contents

Google prefers long content about a topic to short contents. It shows google that your content is more detailed.

People generally are more prone to sharing long contents more than short contents. The message is usually sent across with in depth understanding.

According to a search by Backlinko, the average word count for google search page 1 is 1,890 words.

So, do more researches and write long blog posts.

5) Keyword's too common?  Then create your own keywords.

Well, Why not?

The goal here is to rank highly in google search results.  Instead of reusing over choked keywords, how about you create your own.

Create something unique as your keyword, whether it’s a brand name, product or a tutorial article - You are bound to end you in the first pages or you might even find yourself ranking #1.  That is, if your keyword becomes popular.

This is one of the best seo techniques to follow.

6) Get targeted keywords

You can get your own set of untapped keywords from seed keywords.Com. The use of relevant and targeted keywords of your selected niche would both increase website visibility and increase organic traffic, so choose wisely. 

You can also google keyword planner to help in selecting appropriate keywords.

Long keywords is key.

7) Optimize URLs

There are several ways you can try optimizing your webpage links. Your links should always be in form easily read by search engine bots.

# 8: Use readable URLs for pages

All page URLs for your website should always use hyphens and use less underscores.  If humans find your URLs hard to read, I can't imagine how the search engine bots would take it.

# 9: No capital letters
All round use of capital letters in URLs and title tags should be avoided.

Page URLs are case sensitive, so try not to confuse search engines.

# 10: Get rid of bad URLs with robots.txt

The robots.txt files includes an allow and disallow section. With this, you can prevent search engines from crawling certain web page URLs that are less than ideal.

# 11: Use Canonical URL

This is very important.  This would preventive duplicate content pages by telling search engines your preferred web page.

# 12: structure your URLs with target keywords.

This can help people find your website easily through search results. Add target keywords in your URL.

Edit the default permalink, by shortening and adding only target keywords. Use hyphens to separate each keyword.

13) Don't forget old posts

This is very crucial and most people make this mistake.  Take a moment out if your busy schedule to update and republish your old posts.

14) Site speed

This relates to how quickly your website or blog loads. This affects SEO and it's becoming more and more important. You can check your website page speed using google search console.


Log in > web tools > Other resources > Page Speed Insights

Google pagespeed checker

15) Appearance on Mobile devices

Due to the differences in screen size, there is a need to optimize your website compatibility on mobile devices. 

For mobile optimization, according to google a responsive design is best. People should be able to navigate through your website easily, irrespective of the device they make use of.

17) Backlinks

Get your share of backlinks from authority sites. Authority sites are sites already trusted by its audience and other search engines. 

The more the backlinks you have from authority sites, the more the link juice for higher ranking. 

Think of it as a vote of confidence for google to trust your website more, and with time your website will become an authority site as well.

18) Comments

Do not disable your comment section. The more the engagements on your webpage, the better. It promotes trust by your ability to provide useful content. It means that people care about your content enough to add their opinions, questions, praises and so on

The only thing you should be aware of are spam comments. No, no you don't want that, remove them right away.

It is always better to add no follow attributes to your comments section. That way google will just ignore it, Problem Solved.

Spam comments

19) Location

If you own an actually business, store or company. It's best you add it to google my business, so that people that reside near you can find you with ease.

When you register, don't forget to make sure the information you added about your industry or company is accurate, real people are going to try and find you. So, it’s important you input the right details.

20) Social media

The whole point of seo is to increase website visibility. One of the most obvious means to do that is through social media

21) User experience

This has to do with focusing on human navigation through your website. Avoid annoying pop-up ads, it causes bad user experience.

Properly arrange ads on website, it should never obstruct or block the main contents.

Wrapping up

Search engine optimization is a gradual process. As a website owner, it is something you should continuously work on or get a seo expert to work on it for you. If you want to take your website to the next level, seo is the best way to go.

Increased visibility of a website is the goal here. Follow the above points to get started with basic seo. 

Do you have any questions or suggestions? then i will love to read them in the comment section below, thanks.

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