11 Essential things you must do before you publish your new post.

As bloggers, writing a new post is not an easy task.

In the past, i was always so much eager to get my written post out there just because I wanted to keep my blog updated at all times, thereby compromising quality.

Time has proven that just writing a few paragraphs about a certain topic and publishing them as post is not enough.

One of our goals as bloggers, is to create awesome contents that are loved and easily shared by our audience. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

After spending several hours writing a post, you have to make sure it is top notch.

I have compiled 11 points to help you review and properly evaluate your posts before publishing.


1) Use editing tools

The New York daily news may have editors separate from the writers. But as a single blogger, you can't afford that luxury. 

Most of us, still put on the I can do everything card and some errors slip. There are many online tools you can use to get started. Some good ones are:


After the deadline


Correct English

We might read a post a thousand times and still not find any mistakes but one of your visitors at first glance, would easily detect these errors.

What you can do.

1) Quit typing, just read it like your visitors would.
2) Ensure you’ve used simple sentences that your readers can easily digest.
3) Use contraction like you’ll, I’ve instead of you will or I have.
4) Use all words appropriately, some words sound alike but don’t mean the same thing – words like quite/quiet, their/they’re/there, He’s/His and more.

Use your desktop to edit as well – and not your mobile phone.  If you can’t afford all those fancy online tools. Microsoft office can also do the job.

2) Clear structuring and formatting

I found out that i am more reluctant to read articles that are full of large boxes of text - missing proper formatting. Even if it’s a topic that interests me, it's so hard to read- no matter how hard I try. I still may not read past the first paragraph.

A readable looking paragraph usually contains about 100 words with no more than 3-4 sentences. Most people don't like to read boring looking stuffs - so quit using large boxes of text.

Some people are too lazy to actually read your entire text and end up just reading the key points, choose which is most useful to them - before they then decide to read the whole thing.

How to improve.

  • Separate the full article into smaller sections, by dividing it with subheadings.
  •  Proper formatting, correct use of punctuation marks.
  • Keep paragraphs short and self-explanatory.

3) Include your voice.
I usually tend to write like I'm being interviewed or an informal gathering. Another better way to write is - if you are talking to a close friend.
Let your audience know you and if you are someone they can easily relate to.

4) Spice up the title of post

The most important thing after actually improving on your text. The click through rate of your blog can increasing drastically if have a catchy and clickable title.
Be sure to;

  • Include low competitive keywords.
  • Add emotional and power words that will encourage click though.
  • Add some creativity.

Imagine creating great contents be no one is clicking to read it - it will suck, definitely. What you need to do is create an intriguing and persuasive titles that people will click, just out of curiosity - to unravel the taste of the great content within.

By adding keywords, you are not only optimizing your titles for humans but for seo engines as well.

Examples of a "click through" and "scroll past" titles

1) Mistakes made by bloggers (Scroll past)
2) 15 painful mistakes made by popular bloggers (click through)

Other tips

  • Let the title direct to a specific group.
  • Include action words like (how to, quickly, fast)
  • Add numbers
A free I will recommend to help you choose a title faster Coshedule headlines.

5) Shorten Permalinks

These has to do with editing your blog post. 

Points to note;

  • Include just 3-4 words.
  • Includes keywords.

6) Internal linking

Consider your new post incomplete, if it does not contain any interlinks - unless of course you have little or no related content to link back to.

If you a lot of contents already, you are not done editing your post until you have successful linked back to old posts. 

This both gives your readers extra reading resources but also keeps them on your website for long. This is great for SEO, increases page views and reduces bounce rates.

Must read: Effective ways to add Interlinks

7) Including citations

It is always important for one to give credit where credit is due.

It may be a quote or image, that you may desire to use on your post. Be sure to add proper citations at all times.

8) Add Visual attraction

Make you post look a bit interesting by adding visuals - images, videos, gifs. This increases engagement

9) Trim! Trim! Trim!

This is the point when you start weeding out the unwanted growth. Omit unnecessary words to make reading faster and straight to the point. 

It’s fair to say, some of the words in your post may not need to be there. so, kindly uproot them and keep the write up smooth

10) Add a call-to-action

These comes up at the end of a post. After sharing your awesome and helpful content. Just suggest to your readers what you will love them to do; whether it’s to encourage them to comment, sign up or view your latest promo or freebie. 

Say it at the end of posts, if they truly loved your content, they will hear your cry.

11) Proofread some more

Do this for an extra 30 minutes and then you’re all set. 

Here is a highlight of all the points mentioned above.

  • Proof-Read It
  • Check for Proper Structure and Formatting
  • Include Your Voice
  • Optimise Title of Post
  • Shorten Permalinks
  • Internal Linking
  • Include Citations: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due
  • Add Visual Attraction
  • Create A Call-To-Action
  • Trim, Trim, Trim
  • Proof Read Some More

Hold it buster! Don't go running to post your article just yet. If you have auto share turned on, you have to make sure you post when majority of your audience and followers are active.

Have any questions or suggestion on how to get a new post ready for publishing please comment below.

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    1. Grammarly is one of the best. Thanks for that awesome suggestion and input.

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