Best way to remove footer credit Id from blogger themes (100% working)

footer credit

Have you tried tirelessly to remove your theme credit links from linking to your website/blog. Let's just say I have a simple trick that can help you with that.

This link shows up at the footer of your blog and new visitors may leave your website to visit the theme credit's website.

"Blogger theme created by" is mostly seen on free themes and refuses to leave, while for premium themes it is easier to remove if there is at all.

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How you might have tried to remove this link?

  • By changing the name and Link to that of your website.
  • By deleting the region where the link is.

What happened?

If you delete this code from template, then your blog will be automatically redirected to the page from where you have downloaded the template or the owners of the template itself.

Best way to remove credit link so your readers don't see.

It is not recommended to remove the powered by links completed as it give the credit to the service provider, but may I recommend hiding it from your visitors.


By following the steps below ofcourse;

1) Login to

2) Go to theme tab > Edit HTML. You must backup the original theme by first clicking on the Backup/restore button.

3) Click on "Ctrl F" on your computer and search using words like Copyright/credit/footer.

4) Now you will see something like this.

footer credit

5) Add this code to the URL you want to hide from your homepage


Like this.

footer credit

6) Click save.

Pin it.

Best way to remove blogger footer Link

That's all.

This tutorial does not apply to WordPress users. Just those that have a BlogSpot blog.

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