How to get 10,000 views for YouTube videos

10000 YouTube views

If you love making videos, you will also love more people coming to view and like it. Like everything else, it takes time,effort,dedication and consistency to get a large number of viewers.

Many may say that making money on YouTube is hard and it isn't worth your time, but the honest truth is that nothing comes easy and hard work and patience is definitely the order of the day.

If you love making interesting videos, then you need to keep doing what you love and make the most out of it. I had an educational YouTube channel that i needed to monetize but the adsense team said i had to have 10,000 views according to their new policies for it to be reviewed.

Considering a new YouTube channel, it is almost impossible to get that amount of views without waiting at least a year.

Here is a quick trick to fasten things up.

Optimize your channel.

  • Verify the channel.
  • Include a channel description with relevant keywords.
  • Add a channel art.
  • Add many tags before you upload videos.

How to get 10,000 views on YouTube.

1) Quality Videos

Having unique and quality videos on your channel can increase views and subscribers significantly. Ensure your videos have all of the following;

  • A catchy title.
  • A detailed video description.
  • A good intro and outro
  • Good audio quality.
  • A call-to-action

2) Embed to Blog posts.

This is a great way to increase your views. This would only be relevant if you make videos on the topics you write about. Some users would prefer watching the videos instead of reading your written articles. 

Just get the video you would like to share and click on embed to get the source code for that video.

Embed YouTube video

3) Free Views.

If you are not in the mood to wait for your views to increase naturally, you can try obtaining free or paid views.

QQTube is a platform that can help with that. You can get 1000 quality views for free and pay for other services they provide.

Qqtube services

How to get free YouTube views.

  • Register here
  • Open 10 gmail accounts and 10 Twitter accounts. (Each account gives you 1k views)
  • Follow the (4) steps for each accounts.
  • Add your URL
  • That's all.
Qqtube steps

Your Turn

Follow all the steps above to get more than 10,000 views for your new YouTube channel. Then after that, it will be ready for monetisation.

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