How to get Google AdSense approved for YouTube 2019

YouTube AdSense

Do you want your Google AdSense approved once and for all? Do you plan to start making posts, videos, apps to generate more income?

Then follow this step by step trick.

Gone are the days when getting Google AdSense was peace of cake. Google AdSense now has grown bigger with millions of advertisers and since become more strict and picky when it comes to approving more advertisers.

Getting an AdSense account approved are some people's number one issue today. AdSense is the highest CPC network. It's still not the best way to make money online. Though, some may say it is the easiest. You can definitely make a lot of money from AdSense.

This trick using YouTube will get you a hosted Google AdSense account, which can be displayed on Google's products only but not on custom domains.

After which you can then upgrade to a hosted AdSense account and start placing ads on your custom domain.

As at April 18th 2017, Google introduced a new review process which requires all youtube advertiser to get a minimum of 10,000 lifetime views before the AdSense team can review your account for monetisation. More details from Google.

YouTube partner program

Okay time to cut right to the chase.

How to get your Google AdSense approved using this YouTube trick 2018.

1) Login to a new gmail account (or sign up for one).

2) Go to YouTube > My channel > Create channel. 
Create Channel

3) Include a channel description and add a channel art/profile picture.

4)Upload some unique videos and get a total of 10000 unique views
so your account can be reviewed.

5) Head over to Video manager > Channel > Status and features.

YouTube channel settings

6) Click on verify button to confirm you are not a robot.

7) Then Enable monetisation tab and sign up for AdSense through your YouTube channel.

Sign up for AdSense

8) Submit and wait for an approval.


YouTube AdSense approval

If you get Approved?

If you are lucky to get approved you will start seeing ads on your YouTube channel and can associate other YouTube channels to Adsense
lso, you might also want those ads to show on your custom domain.

If you’re using custom domain, I must tell you that Google has changed its policy for approving accounts via host partnered sites (custom domain), which means you are required to fill out a form and get approval from Adsense team manually before the ads begin to show on your website. 

To fill this form:

  • On your AdSense dashboard > click My ads
  • Select Other products.
  • Submit your website for a fresh review process.

If you don't get approved?

If you didn't get accepted into the AdSense partner program. Don't give up just yet keep working on uploading unique videos that adheres to YouTube partner program policies and community guidelines. Then reapply in 30 days.

Try It.

This is the end of the tutorial on how to get your hosted and non-hosted AdSense account approved. If any part or section of this post is still not clear to you, comment below.

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Fast YouTube AdSense approval

Fast YouTube AdSense approval

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  1. very informative post.Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks for sharing, many people do complain of not being accepted by google but I think we fail to do our part to make the application easy to accept.
    Why would anyone apply for adsense with a site that just has 3 posts?Good tips you have here.