Google released free ssl certificate (HTTPS) for blogger blogs custom domain

Good news!
You can turn on HTTPS on your Blogger custom domain for free. Google made this possible late last year.  Normally, google only had the HTTPS activated for only the free domain <your-site> 

Now,it is automatically turned on for any blog and the HTTPS setting is hidden. 

How to turn on the HTTPS redirect. 

1) Sign-in to your Blogger account. 

2) In the left menu, click Settings and then Basic, (on you will see a visible blogger update at the top of your page). 
Blogger updates
3) On the right, under "HTTPS" and "HTTPS Availability," select Yes.
Https setting
4) It will take effect in a couple of hours. 

That's it
You now have a Google secured website. Please share this post if it helped you in any way. 

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