4 untold truths about blogging


Blogging for me has been an amazing journey thus far. I've always enjoyed writing in my free time - even though I hardly have any. I remember one blog  I had a while ago, were I wrote down everything that came to my mind as at that time, it was fun but it wasn't defined by any specific niche - it included news, fashion, education, and other random thoughts. I could work on this blog the whole day with little or no readership, it was quite frustrating.

Although, been it a hobby of mine I persevered.

Starting out thinking it was going to be a bed of roses - then realizing it is a long unending road, were you need to prepare for the journey before embarking, keep learning, growing and have fun during the journey but never turn back.

After reading a lot of articles on blogging, hardly at times would they ever write about the hard parts only the good. Looking back 2 years now, from experience the journey is an exploration time that never ends as there are new things to learn daily - you can't get bored.

I wrote this article to prepare you mind for what lies ahead.

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1) Frustration

The frustration will get to you eventually, trust me. Especially it if you are putting in much efforts with little or no favorable outcomes. Owning a blog is not just writing articles but also sharing, promoting, boost your email lists and growing your audience. You have to be ready to take up all those roles. They are times I spend so many hours writing a post with just little feedback, no matter how much I share the post -  Other days I get so tired I just want to pluck out my eyeballs.

Being unique or never get noticed.
There are millions of blogs out ant more are newly created each day. What is going to make yours stand out? Findingyour voice will be a very big deterinant of your success. It's not a lecture but an interaction. Let you feel like they are little about you on each posts.
Learn new and inventive ways to keep your blog relevant, but no matter what "don't lose yourself".

2) Blogging as a second job

If you have a full time 8-5 job. Get ready because you might start to experience weight loss / gain, higher stress levels, not getting enough sleep, depression and so on. All these may result in the case where you don't want any of your jobs to suffer. Taking note that blogging is like owning your on business.

3) Poor time management

Blogging sometimes can be overwhelming and if you can't stick to a blogging routine that works for you, you will find managing the blog poorly.
So it's advisable to stick with having to-do lists, good calendar apps, checklists for effective time management and to stay organized, this is good for mental health. This is something I constantly try to work on

4) Growth is not easy

Although some blogs take a week or two gain increase in popularity other blogs require a little bit more time for that, the reasons may vary.
Always remember to to your best but never be in too much of a hurry. Keep being consistent, a lot people respond to that. Success is not easily achieved, work smart. Get virtual assistance if you can't handle it all. Find what works best for you. 

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