Blogger: Quick ways to increase your page rank of website

How do I increase your page and post rank of website?

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This post contains a list of brief and simple ways to ensure your website ranks number one on on Google or Bing search results.

Let's go through this list one at a time,shall we?

Ways To Increase Your Page Rank

1) Boost Your Content Via Social Media
2) Improve Your On-Page search engine optimized Content
3) Improve the Loading Speed Of Your Web pages, slow site is not user friendly.
4) Improve Your Internal Linking Structure of your website
5) Remove harmful And Toxic Links
6) Make Sure That Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly
7) Become An Authority Within Your Niche
8) Create Link able Content
9) Quality content is important 
9) Choose A Good Domain Name
10) Improve Your On-Page search engine optimized Content
11)Back linking
12) Image size optimization
13) User friendly website with an simple design
14) Increase in organic traffic
15) Use Google analytics or other analytics on our website at all times

Hope this has helped to increase page rank and increase valuable traffic from organic sources, because it is very important for a successful career in blogging.

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