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Having and managing a website/blog may be tedious at times. I am here to lessen your burden. 

Here is what I can do for you;

1) Launch your website/Blog

I can develop a new hosted blog with custom domain for you.

Good hosting      Theme      Price

Blue hosting +.     FREE.         $100

Blue hosting +.    PREMIUM.  $130

WordPress        (Responsive)

Godaddy +             FREE.          $30 


2) Write for you.

I can write unique and original content for any niche with proper research. 

100% copyscape verified.

Words.    Duration.      Price.

200.            2 days.            $5
600.            7 days.            $60
600.            5 days.            $120
600.            3 days.            $180
1000.          2 weeks.         $300

3) Organic traffic generation

1K pageviews = $12
2K pageviews = $20
200 pageviews for a month  = $100

4) Complete SEO Audit + Suggestions on how to improve

Bonus Price: $5 

5) Facebook page: 
I could help you create your very own Facebook page.
Price: Free

Other Exciting Gigs.

  • I can customise/design your blog (Only $13)
  • I can develop a new blog for you with 10 original contents (for just $50)
  • From personal to business blog (for just $5)

Interested in any of these plans, send an email to [email protected]  or via teams contact form 


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