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Hi guys, want to drive extra traffic to your blog? Then join our social media community and share your blogger truth.

"My Blogger Truth" has a small social media community outside it's website. Just Google - 'Mybloggertruth' and you'll see some of them.

 If you have read 7 best social media sites, you'll know that these sites are super important. Blogging Communities you can join.

 1) Facebook 

You can get a list of the 10 best active Facebook groups for bloggers to join. Increased backlinks from Facebook could go a long way. For constant Blogging tips, Like our facebook page: Mybloggertruth

2) Twitter group. 

Want a free retweet? Share your blog post using #Mybloggertruth and send via (@Mybloggertruth). Note: you have to be following my account. Bonus: Once you join, you will be added to an exclusive list strictly for bloggers looking to promote their blog.

Join my society of social media friends and family and have the chance and the avenue to promote your blog easily and effortlessly.

3) Pinterest and Tailwind tribes

  1. Get an invite to my official pinterest Group board. 
  2. Get two invites to tailwind tribes with over 200,000 repins and members

4) StumbleUpon Group.

You also get to join our new stumbleupon group on Facebook and boost traffic to your website.

1) sign up using your Pinterest email
2) That's all.


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